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  • Can I have my products delivered direct to DMC’s warehouse?

    Yes, we can accept containers, trailers, vans and couriers.

  • Do you charge for receiving goods?

    Yes, we charge on either a box or pallet price or a time basis depending on the type of delivery. Standard pallets and boxes are a fixed cost, unloading a container is charged on an hourly rate.

  • Do you check the quantity of goods delivered?

    Yes, we perform a box quantity count only at goods and check against the delivery note. This is not a detailed quantity check this can carried out prior to placing stock on your inventory and charged separately.

  • Could quality checks be carried out on my stock?

    Yes, we currently conduct sample quality checks on a number of client’s incoming stock. We will agree with you the sample range and draft a quality procedure with your agreement which our goods in staff would follow. There would be a separate charge for this type of service.

  • What type of fulfilment storage do you offer?

    We can offer pallet, floor standing, shelf and bin storage depending on the type of product.

  • Do my deliveries need to be booked in?

    Yes, we would like to know when your goods are due to arrive ideally morning or afternoon with an approximate time.

  • Do you require advance delivery paperwork?

    Yes, we would like to have a description of items, product numbers and quantity.


  • Do I have to use the DMC inventory?

    We offer the use of our inventory to all clients so that we can manage your incoming/outgoing stock. You can still operate your own inventory linked to your website.

  • How will my stock level balance with the DMC warehouse inventory?

    We will provide you with stock inventory reports. These can be run daily, weekly or monthly depending on your transaction levels.

  • Can I use my own product codes?

    In most cases we can work with the client product code as long as each SKU can be identified by a separate code. They must be no longer than 20 characters.

  • Is there a charge for setting up my inventory on the DMC system?

    Yes, there is a ‘set up’ charge for the initial loading of your data. This will be quoted and will depend on how the data is provided and the number of SKU’s.


  • How do I send my fulfilment orders to DMC?

    The most efficient way for us to receive your orders is by integrating your web shop with our order processing software. As part of the set up of a new account we would need to liaise directly with your IT/e-commerce developer to allow for the export/import process.

  • Is there a charge for IT set up?

    Yes, there is a one off charge to cover IT work required to link the systems this would be quoted once we have the specification of your site. We occasionally run promotions where we waiver this fee, so keep an eye on the site and social media.

  • Can I e-mail my fulfilment orders or send a spreadsheet?

    We can receive orders as e-mails or attachments but this will require us to re-key the order data and customer address details. There would be a data entry charge for this.

  • How often will my fulfilment orders be imported to the DMC system?

    We will agree with you a number of fixed times that we will import your files with the main focus being the same day despatch of orders been received before 1pm.


  • Will my orders go out the same day?

    Yes, if we receive your order before 1pm and we have stock the order will be picked, packed and shipped.

  • Can I receive a tracking number?

    Yes, depending on the type of delivery service you have selected we can provide tracking data.

  • What paperwork will be enclosed with the goods?

    We will enclose a delivery note showing the item description, product number quantity and customer details. If you require any additional paperwork (branded) enclosing you will need to provide this with your order. We can then print out and enclose.

  • What type of packaging materials is available?

    We will agree a packing specification with you depending on the size, weight and type of product. In most cases our clients have a style that they wish us to follow.

  • Can DMC handle bulk orders to trade/retailers?

    Yes, we can make up pallet deliveries for bulk stock and onward shipment.


  • What shipping options are available?

    We will match the right delivery service with your requirement; most of our clients already have a preferred channel. We will seek the most competitive price with our consolidated rates and provide recommendations on best offers. Currently we work with DHL, DPD, Royal Mail, Yodel, Inter parcel, Business Post, UPS and City Link .


  • What type of management reports can DMC provide?

    We can offer a number of standard reports such as daily transactions, inventory. If we hold the data on our system then we can run a crystal report for you.


  • My e-commerce operation is located in another country how can DMC help me?

    We already have a number of US, Canadian and Far East  based clients who are shipping their products to DMC. We are acting as the UK fulfilment centre for these clients handling both UK and other European deliveries from our UK base.

  • Can DMC handle the importing of products and payment of taxes and duties?

    We can receive your deliveries but we cannot handle the taxes and duties payable. We can provide details of UK based forwarding agents who you can work with directly. They will in turn advise DMC once the goods have cleared UK customs and can be delivered to DMC.

  • Can DMC handle the invoicing of goods to UK/European customers?

    No, If you are conducting business in the UK and selling direct to a business or consumer  and depending on the type of products there are likely to be UK taxes to be charged. VAT (Value added tax) is applied to many goods in the UK and the rest of Europe. It is important that you seek advice from a UK based chartered accountant.

  • I am a new start up business what level of business do I need to be at for outsourcing order fulfilment to DMC?

    We can handle all levels of e-commerce business, some of our client’s average 5 orders per week and other process 200 per day.

  • Can DMC handle my online payments?

    No, with the changes in PCI compliance in the UK DMC cannot act as a third party re-seller. The merchant number must be held by the organisation who own the site domain address and also the stock.

  • Can DMC develop my e-commerce website?

    Yes, we can offer a range of packages based on the scale of your operation or a bespoke solution. We work with a web development partner who would work directly with you and the solution would have an interface with DMC’s order processing/inventory software.

  • What is a SKU? Do I need one?

    A ‘Stock Keeping Unit’ is a single product that has a unique product code assigned to it. This is how we can manage your inventory in the warehouse and provide report data back to you on stock movements. If you do not operate with a SKU we will apply one to each product line.

  • Who insures my inventory when it is stored in the DMC warehouse?

    The client is responsible for insuring their product during transport to DMC, during the time it is held at our warehouse facility and onward shipment to the end customer.

  • Can DMC handle re-working/contract packing?

    Yes, DMC has a contract packing area for kit assembly, re-packing and re-labelling. A quotation will be provided specifically for your requirement.

  • Can you provide a gift wrapping service?

    We can provide a personalised service dictated by your needs. This may be gift wrapping, thank you cards or bespoke box/bag printing. We can tailor our services to your request, please contact us for more information.

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